In The News

We have been around for quite sometime now and the following are a snapshot of our media coverage.


HRL TV Show Covers Us

Hampton Roads LIVE takes a behind the scenes look at the power entrepreneurs in Virginia. We spoke to Judy Roy, inventor and owner of Judy's Bottle Holder. Judy developed the bottle holder to assist nursing parents in properly feeding their infants. Read More

  • March 9 , 2012


Laced Kittens

Judy's Bottle Holder is a flexible bottle-holding device that allows caregivers to safely hold and feed their babies with one arm while performing simple tasks with the other. Unlike bottle proppers, Judy's Bottle Holder promotes proper positional feeding and requires adult supervision. Read More

  • Marchr 22, 2011


Mummy's Product Review

Ergonomically correct, physician-endorsed and hospital-approved Judy’s Bottle Holder gives you the ability to safely feed and hold your baby with one arm while performing simple tasks with the other. Read More

  • Januaryr 19, 2009


Travel Experta

I’m so busy trying to manage work and my family that I’m always looking for something to simplify my life. Bottle holders are products that can do exactly that but luckily my need to simplify my life also reminded me of something you forget when you are busy. Read More

  • July 28, 2011