Expert Advice

For more information on how to safely bottle feed your baby or on the risks of bottle propping, please visit the following websites that we have found helpful:

Health Issues

Judy's Bottle Holder helps prevent health problems often associated with improper positional feeding and bottle propping.

Use Judy's Bottle Holder to help prevent :.


Ear Infections

Ear infections often occur when fluid from the bottle enters an infant's middle ear. Again, improper positional feeding can be blamed, but occasionally the infection can be attributed to an opportunistic virus.



Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and serious gum disease can occur with bottle propping. When liquids other than water repeatedly accumulate in a child's mouth for prolonged periods of time, the developing teeth can be severely damaged.



Supervision is the best way to prevent choking. When left unsupervised, a baby can choke on fluid in the bottle and develop aspiration pneumonia.