Physician Endorsements

  • "I have noticed that bottle propping occurs on a frequent basis and is not limited to a particular socioeconomic segment of the population, but rather is practiced by all segments of the population. I have discouraged the practice of bottle propping since it is associated with numerous medical problems."

    — H. E. Golembesky, M.D. (Pediatrics)
  • "One of the biggest threats to babies' teeth is a condition called nursing-bottle syndrome. This is caused by giving a baby the bottle with milk, formula, or fruit juice for long periods during the day or night. It can be prevented if a baby is held and not left in a crib with a bottle. Your device makes it so convenient to hold an infant and continue with one's daily routine. I highly endorse your bottle holder and wish it had been available when my girls were babies!"

    — V. H. Bamberger, D.D.S. (Dentistry)
  • "This allows a mother who is bottle feeding the luxury of using her other hand to hold another child close. Busy mothers know that they are called upon to do many things at once. So, one could bottle feed and answer the phone, write a check or wipe up some spilled milk at the same time if necessary."

    — J. Von Herzen, M.D. (OB/GYN)
  • "I highly endorse Judy's Bottle Holder. Pediatricians tell parents to hold their babies as much as possible, particularly during feeding. Since an infant spends up to five hours a day, or about 35 hours a week feeding, mom is significantly limited in what tasks she can do when both hands are occupied. Frequently, the result is that the baby is left in bed with a propped bottle - a situation that is unhealthy for several reasons. The alternative was for the mother to simply not do anything else. With Judy's appliance, mom can feed her infant and still have a hand free to write, read, phone or perform other simple tasks."

    — G.A. MacPherson, M.D. (Pediatrics)
  • "Clearly your product provides a tremendous alternative as a very cost-effective and convenient support for the elimination of 'propping problems'."

    — S.M. Lash, Healthcare Executive
  • "Judy's Bottle Holder is an exceptional improvement in a parent's comfort. The Bottle Holder is flexible and adjusts to the positioning needs of mother, father and baby. I strongly recommend the Bottle Holder for parents who bottle feed."

    — J. Purduski, Industrial Engineer (Ergonomics)

Customer Endorsements

  • "Judy's Bottle Holder has made feeding time a family affair allowing me the use of a free hand to read and give attention to my older son, while allowing me the personal time to feed and bond with my newborn."

    — W. K., R.N. (Mom and Registered Nurse)
  • "I really don't know how we got along without it. It's like a third hand for answering the phone or reading or whatever.

    — B. W., California Restaurant Mgr.
  • "The bottle holder has been a great help to my two-year-old son and me. My son has a muscle disorder. Due to this, his arms are very weak. He wasn't able to hold his bottle up until three months ago. I started using the bottle holder so that he wouldn't be too dependent on me and so that I would have a free hand to hold and read my Bible in church. In a short time, my son was able to hold his own bottle. For my husband and me, it was a great accomplishment. We are so happy and thankful to the maker of this ingenious bottle holder product. Thanks a million for helping us and our son!"

    — Anonymous
  • "It was so easy to use and very convenient. It left my hand free to hold and caress my grandchild. As a first-time grandmother, I am grateful!"

    — I. Porter, R.N.